2023 California State Championship

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2023 California State
Championship Match

The Cajon Cowboys Club has been chosen to host the 2023 California State Championship for a second year! The match will be held Thursday - April 27, 2022 to Sunday - April 30, 2022. This will be a great event and a lot of fun.

Clint Steele and Sassy Kitty will be the main match directors for the 2023 match. They have already begin reviewing the operations and notes from the 2022 match, reviewing budget items, and gathering ideas. The 2022 State Match was great but we want the 2023 match to be even better! Now is time for input if you want to contribute. We will also be looking for volunteers over the next few months as the plan starts coming together. We will use this page to post updates as they occur.

Update 10/09/22:

Today's post is to announce the upcoming match and provide the shooter entry application. There are also links to two waivers...one for the club and another for the Route 66 Shooting Sports Park. You will be required to sign and submit both waivers with your application.

Update 10/22/22:

Added the Volunteer Signup sheet to the forms at left. There are a lot of opportunities and areas that the club will need your help to plan and execute this match. If you can assist in any way, it would be greatly appreciated!

Update 3/13/23:

Added the Schedule of Events and the list of registered shooters.

Update 3/27/23:

Updated the list of registered shooters.

Update 4/13/23:

Updated the list of registered shooters.