2024 California State Championship

Congratulations to our 2024 California State Championship Winners!
Crazy Little Woman & Coyote Carson

Congratulations to Cajon's newest Regulator: Trainwreck

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2024 California State
Championship Match

The Cajon Cowboys Club was the proud host of the 2024 California State Championship. This was our third consecutive year! The match was held Thursday - April 25, 2024 to Sunday - April 28, 2024. This year's theme was a Tribute to honor the Legendary Native American. The match organizers made a great shooter's booklet with pictures and information on several historic and noteworthy Native Americans who were a part of this nation's growth.

Clint Steele and Sassy Kitty were our main match directors for the 2024 match. To start the event, a very large event tent was brought in and set up on the range as a base of operations and community gathering area. Those shooters who opted to camp onsite brought in RVs and/or tents. Shooters checked in at the main tent and received their registration packets containing the shooters handbook, match schedule, special offers from various cowboy affiliates,etc. There were side matches, opportunities to try a Gatlin Gun, a costume contest, poker, bingo, corn hole and ax throwing to keep folks entertained the day before the match and each afternoon following the main match. Evenings could be spent in the main tent socializing with friends. Some of the camping crowd gathered amongst the RVs with friends and families. A potluck was organized on Friday night and on Saturday night we had a catered dinner. A saloon bar was set up in the corner of the main tent with Double Scotch and Colonel Angus serving soft drinks and adult beverages on Friday and Saturday evening.

All registered shooters shot the main match stages on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, a special shootoff event was held for the top 16 shooters while the final scores were tallied and verified. Afterwards everyone gathered once again in the main tent for the awards ceremony. Awards were presented to the overall match winners (Top Man and Top Lady Shooters) as well as the top ten participants in each Shooting Category.

There were a few vendors on site as well as a couple gunsmiths for those wishing to do a little shopping or fine tune their equipment during the event. The Unlikely Yank volunteered to be our Cowboy Emissary during the main match days. He greeted several spectators, explained our sport, and answered questions as needed.

After all the activities were over, the stages were cleared and the tent folded up for another year. We hope all who came to participate had a great time. We want to thank everyone who came out to shoot and a special thanks to all those who worked so hard to make the match a success. We hope to see you again next year!