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The Cajon Cowboys
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of the
September 12th, 2020
Match was-
Photo Shooter
and we had
10 Clean Shooters!

Update September 20, 2020:
Our next shoot is scheduled for
--Saturday, Sept 26th, 2020.--
Relaxed Dress Code-that means boots and hats and something decent to cover what's in between!
You must pre-register and pay online through the General Store to attend. Shooters will be preassigned to a posse.
Social Distancing Rules will apply.
If you feel sick or have underlying conditions STAY HOME.
Posse size is limited to 10 and only one spotter will be used to facilitate distancing.
Maximum of 2 shooters at the loading table.
No food or water will be available, so bring your own.
Bring your own sanitizing supplies as desired.
Absolutely NO FILMING or photography of any kind. Violation will result in immediate ejection from the range.
Posse with requests should be sent to: cajontg@earthlink.net before 9/24/20.

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