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The Cajon Cowboys
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of the
August 31st,2019
Match was-
El Roberto
and we had
4 Clean Shooters!

Update: January 27th,2020. The range is showing considerable signs of progress. The volunteers have been out there rebuilding and painting but there is still work to do! We can still use lots of help! Beartrap will be out at the range each day weather permitting. Work crews start at 8am. Use the entry way by the Gem Ranch sign to access the range.
AND WE ARE FINALLY GOING TO SHOOT!!!!!! Oil up those guns and dust off your ammo. The next shoot is scheduled for Saturday, February 8th. AND IT"S FREE!!!! The new onwer has decided to waive the fees for our first match. Please spread the news to any of your pards that aren't "plugged into the grid."
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Cajon Cowboys
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